Sunday, April 24, 2011

Howdy Folks!

    A big, warm hello from the hills of Northwest Arkansas.  My name is Jodi and I decided to finally jump on the blog wagon because I feel like I have some things to share and also some things to learn.  I'd like to establish an online group of friends who are interested in sustainable living, urban homesteading, cooking, baking, making things and parenting.  My interests include all of these things, but more specifically gardening, canning, knitting and crochet, cloth diapering, baking, vegetarian cuisine, secular homeschooling, chickens, beekeeping, fiber animals, self-sustainability, pioneer music and peace on earth.  If you would like to follow me through my hardships and learning, learn from my mistakes or even offer tested words of advice and wisdom, please join me on this journey of personal growth.


Jessica said...

How fun! This is going to be a great blog. Need the homemade detergent recipe soon. :)

Hayzlenut said...

I loved this post! Thank you.

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